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Alan Higinbotham

My emphasis has always been wheelthrown, high-fired pottery. In that, I love to push the edges of size and creativity. Whether the pieces are traditional or eclectic, they remain handmade pottery meant to enrich.

Having studied in Japan in the 1980's and been a professional potter for 40+ years, I have specialized in clay-making, glaze chemistry, kiln-design, and wood-fire.

About my Process

This pottery is meant for everyday use--it is lead-free, dishwasher, microwave, and oven-safe. It is thrown on the wheel from a porcelain clay body.

I then carve, shape and overlay clay, incising detail work on the surface of individual pieces. Teapots, large wall platters, serving bowls, custom sink & tile, and dinnerware settings are a few of my favorite pieces.

By specializing in my own glaze chemistry, I balance the effects of heat, time and oxygen to produce vibrant copper red and time-honored celadon green glazes. A reduction (oxygen-starved) high-firing to 2350 degrees F for nearly nine hours in a gas kiln completes the clay cycle.

I hope to add color and richness to daily life. 

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